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Lantern festival - Kashima city, Ibaraki prefecture



The summer event has become a season when it gradually ends


And already this weekend, lantern town (lantern festival) is held in Kashima city, Ibaraki prefecture



What kind of festival is lantern town?


I think if it can tell even a little!



About Lantern festival

※Photos are from the Kashima Jingu Shrine official website


The lantern town (lantern festival) is a festival held on the first day of the Shinko festival, and the Shinko festival is held every September 1 and 2 every year.


On the day, from lunch in the morning, more than 10 lanterns will depart from Kashima city area aiming for Kashima Shrine.


And in the evening, the lanterns gathered at the Omotesando in Kajima Jingumae walked around bravely, and at the end it was a powerful festival where fires were fired by fired trees set in Jingu Shrine premises!



It is said that it is auspicious to take this lantern, but I think that it is good to be lucky.


Because it will injure if impossible ....


Also during this Shinki festival period, other than the lantern town, five mountain cars around Kashima Shrine reverberate festival music festival




If you watch lantern festival


Omotesando in Kashima Jingu is the best


It is a bit narrow width because it is lined up with Food stalls, but I think that the sense of presence is the best



Also, as there is plenty to burn the last lantern, we recommend that you go after seeing Omotesando



※ When you see small children etc., sparks will fly, so please be careful.



Parking access etc



Kajima Jingu around the Kashima Shrine will be the main, considering that, numbered in the parking lot recommendation order



As for the access from the nearest station Kashima Jingumae station such as train and bus, it is written in the following article, please refer





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