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Ibaraki prefecture's recommended beach, Oritsu beach



Oritsu Beach

I would like to introduce one of the recommended seaside resorts in Ibaraki Prefecture.
This is Oritsu Beach located in Kashima City here!

The area is not too wide, too crowded, just a nice beach.

Although it may be a little difficult to see if it is a picture,

It is a stone stairway from the parking lot, and the best location is the coast right in front of you.


It is a premise that it is a premise to go by car, but it is convenient for about 15 to 20 minutes from East Kanto Auto Road Itako Inter.

Even if it says anything, there is no traffic jam in Higashi-Kanko way, and there is no traffic jam even from the high speed to the beach (laugh).


The entrance is difficult to understand, but as soon as we enter the intersection of the signal where the signboard of the inn is something, we arrive at the beach.

As I looked at Google Maps, there seems to be quite a different street view,

I stopped posting. The road is now in good condition.


After turning around the intersection and going a little, the parking lot will be visible on the right side.

The main parking lot is at the end that turned to the far left and the shore is right in front of you!

If you are free, we recommend you stop here.

The parking fee is 800 yen for the sea bathing season only.


Location: Oritsu Kashima-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture

By car: approximately 20 minutes from Higashi Kanto Auto Road Itako IC



Nearby inn (inn)


Oritsu 781 Kashima-shi, Ibaraki prefecture

Phone: 0299-82-0809



Oritsu 361 Kashima-shi, Ibaraki prefecture

Phone: 0299-82-5391



Hirai Beach

I think that it is not that the parking lot is full and can not be stopped,

There is another beach, another "Hirai Beach Resort", just one more in the immediate vicinity.

The parking lot here is wide, and some people tow a marine jet are also serious.

The parking fee here is 800 yen, if you are pulling a marine jet it is 2000 yen.


Location: Hirai, Kashima-shi, Ibaraki-ken (South side of Oritsu coast)



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