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Retro local line in Ibaraki "Kashima Coastal Railroad Oarai-Kashima Line"



A retro train is running in Ibaraki


Official name "Kashima Coastal Railroad Oarai-Kashima Line"


As its name suggests, it is a local line of 1 to 3 cars running along the Pacific Ocean to the Mito station to the Kashima Jingu station on the east side of Ibaraki prefecture


Kashima Coastal Railway Co., Ltd. official website


And the power is diesel


In the summer I am running a window with the vehicle open, but exhaust gas may come into the car


There is also a vehicle in which Oarai has the stage animation "Girls & Panzer" drawn




And attention is


↓ Machine that issues tickets




↓ Fare adjustment machine? What?




There was no indication I was using when I got on, but I guess it is rare that these are still left


I think that the new one is comfortable and good, but I think that a vehicle that can feel nostalgic is also worth


I hope that I will continue to do my best as a leg of local residents


And on this Kashima Coastal Railroad on the Oarai-Kashima Line, the Antlers game called "Kashima Stadium Station" is suspended for only one day? There is station of


↓ From Kashima Stadium Station





Kashima Coastal Railway Co., Ltd. official website

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