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Recommended sights of Kashima city, Kashima Jingu Shrine


About Kashima Shrine

The other day I wrote an article about Oritsu Beach,
This time, I can go on, recommend "Kashima Shrine".

The god of deity is "Takemikazuchi no Ogami"
Speaking of Kamisama god Shaku god sword is familiar with games etc.
"Shogun Sword (Futsunomitamano Tsurugi)"
It is God who is often worshiped as a god of martial arts.

According to the official website, the foundation has become the first year of the emperor Jinmu.
Speaking of Emperor Jinmu, the first emperor, a person of mythology dating back to BC.

Kaijima Shrine's Vision


According to the description of the Heian era, what was written as "jingu shrine"
It seems that it was only three companies, Daijingu (Ise Shrine Nakomiya), Kashima Shrine, Katori Shrine.

It is enshrined as deity of God, and the famous deer of Nara has a legend that the Kashima Shrine originated.

For those who like history and myths such as Sakanouenotamuramaro praying for victory before going to Yezo conquest
There are plenty of interesting legends and it is such a place that you can think of history.


Directions to Kashima Jingu Shrine

You can walk to "Kashima Shrine" from "Kashima Jingu Station".

With Google Maps it's about 700 meters



From the "Kashima Jingu Station" straight up, you will see a brick-made slope, so I will go up here.


You can see a guide board beside the brick road.



I will go up through the instrument store



The view is also quite good



When you turn left at the signal that went up, I will come to the approach.



There are restaurants, private parking lots and so on.

It is an impression that the electric wire is buried underground and it is refreshing.




And when I go to this approach a little, the last thing is Kashima Jingu Shrine



In the case of a car, there is a parking lot on the right photo on the top.

I think that it is good to use the second parking lot or the private parking lot around if it can not be stopped because there are few units.

It is approximately 15 minutes by car from Itako IC.

Also, from Tokyo, a high-speed bus "Kashima Shrine Station Line" comes out approximately every 15 minutes,

The journey takes about 2 hours.



To the precincts

It is within the shrine of the shrine surrounded by a forest as it passes through the torii.

I feel a little cool even in the summer.






As you go a little ahead, there is a "Temizu sha" on the left side, so let's clean it before visiting.




Hold the ladle with your right hand and wash your left hand. Roll up the ladle, then the right hand, then the mouth rinse at the end.

Please refer to the following link for "How to make handwaters"




I will go to the main shrine in the precincts as we go through the tower gate.

On the right side you can buy a main hall, on the left side you can buy a bid and an amulet.




The picture below is the main shrine.


The way of worshiping is two worship claps and one worship.

A deep bow is called "worship", and striking a hand is called "clapping".

Fold your back flat, fold your waist 90 degrees and bow twice deeply

Next, align your hands with the chest height, and shift the right fingertip slightly downward

Open both hands to the shoulder width and clap two applause.

Return the shifted fingertips to the original and finally bow deeply once more.


Reference: From Ise Jingu Shrine official website



By enshrining the god of martial arts, there is also a quaint kendo hall and it is currently used




Going further, you can see "deer garden" and "essential stone"

"Okumiya" dedicated by Ieyasu Tokugawa and "Mitarashi pond" where spring water flows out.

Please do come and take a look!



About the treasure hall

Moreover, although it is not Futsunomitamo Tsurugi,

Direct swords of National Treasures are displayed in Kashima Shrine.

※ As of August 2018, the treasure hall seems to be under construction.


National Treasure Japan's oldest and largest direct sword (gold copper black lacquer plain texture, Tang Dragon)

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