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Recommended sightseeing spots in Ibaraki Prefecture "Kashima Shrine Ichino-Torii"



Ichino-Torii at the west


I wrote about Kashima Shrine the other day, but there are several other buildings related to Kashima Shrine


Recommended sights of Kashima city, Kashima Jingu Shrine


Among them, this "Ichinose torii at the west" is an unusual torii set in the lake called Kitaura,


It is the largest in Japan as a waterfowl torii





Origin of the Ichino-Torii at the West (from Kashima Shrine official website)


In the past, Ounotsu, the westmost Ichinosei torii, is a key source of economic and cultural trips by water transport, and at the same time it is the gateway to Kashima Shrine visit, also depicted in "60 more state sights" in Hiroden Utagawa during the Edo period The landscape was familiar as a waterfowl torii. The current torii was completed in June 2013, and weather-resistant steel materials manufactured by Nippon Steel Sumikin Kabushiki Kaisha are used. It is 18.5 meters high from the bottom of the river, 22.5 meters wide and is magnificent about 2.5 times the old torii.


Source: Kashima Shrine official page





In Kashima Shrine there is a Shinji called "Mifune-sai" once every 12 years


At that time, here is the "Ichino-torii of the west" where a large fleet of 120 searches departs.



Kashima Jingu Shrine official website




"Ichino-Torii at the West" Location




Location: Ofunatu, Kashima, Ibaraki Prefecture 2251 Offshore

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