Ultimately recommended! Sichuan cuisine in Mito "Agni"



As the title suggests, it is a super recommended restaurant in Mito!


Speaking of Chinese and Sichuan cuisine in Ibaraki, I will recommend this place first, although I do not know here and there!


The appearance is like this


It's Googlemap so it's mosaiced on the signboard ...




Let's have Chinese friends at acquaintance and Mito! It was a shop that came in a blur when it became, but it seems that it was actually a famous shop and it is now regular.


My recommendation is "Street noodles without bamboo noodles"

The authentic spice is working and it is a spicy seasoning




Besides, please visit it because it is a famous shop no matter where you eat, such as Senkawa dish's synonym "Mabo Tofu" or Chinese food using Ibaraki's ingredients!



Agni Official Website

Address: 1-6, Sakuragawa 2 - chome, Mito city, Ibaraki Prefecture 310-0801

Phone: 029-222-0777

Opening Hours: Closed Sundays

11: 00 - 14: 00, 18: 00 - 23: 00





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