Recommended! restaurant in Kamisu city "Pre · Sare" - a really big serving of rice!



Today I will introduce you to the restaurant "Pre Sare" that I want to eat!


The menu is lined with classic Western dishes such as pasta (spaghetti), hamburger steak, and various fries


Among them, if it is lunch, "Set meal (1080 yen)" that you can choose 2 kinds of favorite side dishes is recommended


And as for the bulk of deca, when you ask for a big rice here ...


Set meals (choice fried chicken and hamburger steak)


It brings with such feeling! !


It is incredible for me to like rice anymore
(Middle filling and a little more can also be possible)


Is there usually a lot of popularity? What? I think that there are also people who think that it is very ordinary amount,
Women can also visit with confidence (laugh)


There is also curry and rice, but when ordering you will announce us kindly "My curry is painful, but it's okay"



A set of curry rice and fried rice (rice is ordinary)


This time I focused on the amount of rice, but the taste is also delicious, of course


When going near, "Pre · Sare" is recommended!



Restaurant information


Address: 5-20-3, Fukashibaminami, Kamisu, Ibaraki Prefecture

Phone: 0299-92-5352

Opening hours:

11: 30-14: 00
17: 00 ~ 21: 00

Sunday business (irregular holiday)



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