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Recommended Fireworks Festival in Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsuchiura National Fireworks Games Competition!



Speaking of fireworks festival recommended in Ibaraki prefecture!


One of the three biggest fireworks festivals in Japan, Tsuchiura fireworks display


Although everywhere fireworks festival is exciting, the level of fireworks here is different


Fireworks nationwide show off fireworks of the whole body as the name of the competition contest


The Prime Minister Prize will be awarded only in two of here and Omakusu, I guess it can be understood by just that alone


The story that the workload of the following year will change according to the evaluation of the firework here ...


Normally, I think that it is the climax that is the most exciting at fireworks display,Does it feel like it will last a long time


I saw some entertainers coming at private


So it gets crowded




Tsuchiura station is restricted entry on the way back, and you have to line up in a long line to enter the station


Of course the car is also heavily congested


but! Still recommend that you visit once



About Tsuchiura Firework Display (Tsuchiura National Fireworks Games)




Date and time of opening:  Saturday, October 6, 2018  PM 6:00


Location:  Sakuragawa shore (near the Gakuen Ohashi bridge)


"Sajiki-seki" seat tickets:

All trout (approx. 1.7 m × 1.7 m up to 6 people allowed) 22,000 yen

Half-mass (approx. 1.7 m × approx 0.85 m 3 people allowed) 11,000 yen



About the "Sajiki-seki" seat (charged)


It is an all-seats seat that is anxious, but it is a complete lottery sale system


Although this year's net lot drawing has ended, there are still lottery sales at the window


This year's window lottery,


Date and time: September 4 (Tue) 8 am Dit lottery


Place: Kasumigaura Cultural Gymnasium (Suigo Stadium) Tsuchiura City Owrata 1051


Number of trolley tickets that can be purchased / Up to 2 masters per person


Sales method: Draw lottery (Distribution number lottery will be distributed from 6:00 am, and it will be distributed to those queued by 8 am.)


Presentation of identity confirmation documents (driver's license, insurance card etc.) is required at the time of purchase.


From Tsuchiura Firework Display Official Page


In net drawing, resale purpose is applied from across the country, so the magnification is said to be both 10 times and 20 times, but at the window lottery it is probably about 2 to 3 times


Those who want to get it by all means recommend a window lottery



↓ The right side is the berth seat, the gym seat is continuing all the way to the back



Directions (Transportation Access)


From the Tsuchiura Firework Display Official Page (2018 edition)


Directions by train


JRd. Joban line Tsuchiura station becomes the nearest station


Shuttle bus leaves from JR Tsuchiura station to the venue near the launch site ("Sajiki-seki" seat) (chargeable)


Because it takes about 30 minutes on foot, we recommend taking a shuttle bus only to go


Traffic control is laid on the day, so it's a shuttle bus exclusive road so you can get to the venue smoothly


Since it gets crowded as it gets closer to the launch time, we recommend that you enter Tsuchiura by around 4 pm




By car


From Tokyo direction

Joban expressway Sakura Tsuchiura IC get off IC via National Route 6 about 5 km


From Mito

Joban Expressway Tsuchiura Kita IC get off National route 6 about 5 km


The problem is the parking lot, but I think that you should arrive in the morning


Moreover, if it is a place a little away from Tsuchiura station such as Hitachino Ushiku station, I think that it can be stopped at the station front parking until around evening


Tsuchiura station takes time to get on the train by admission regulation, so I personally think that it is better to stop early and stop the car around Tsuchiura and go slowly until time



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