Soon ”Rock in Japan Fes.2018"


This year the festival season has come.

Rock-in Japan is held in Ibaraki every year at "Hitachinaka Seaside Park".

Of course this year too!



Although it seems that selling of admission tickets with parking tickets has ended, it seems that you can still buy admission tickets other than 8/5.

I think that you can surely enjoy even those who do not know performers widely.

However, since it will be on a very hot day, it is safe to take measures to some extent.

Personally, a tent (sunshade etc.) and a cooler box are indispensable.

Because I want to enjoy the atmosphere, T - shirts and towels are local procurement of Fes Limited and Artists' stuff (laugh).


The picture is of last year,

When I get off the station, the stairs are on the fes specification!

If you look at this, the tension rises even if it is not.

JR also does stylish things.


Also, gourmets are about lock in Japan!


One of the specialties "whole melon cream soda"

This is 1000 yen!

Many other delicious shops are also many.

I can not eat it ... (laugh).

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