Rock-in Japan's belongings etc.


What should I bring with Rock Fest?
This was my first very lost.
I watched various sites and listened to my experienced friends.
From such a reason, this was useful! I would like to introduce the item.



Participate in the morning from the morning! I think that there are more people.
Under such circumstances, you can sunshine and lie down and rest. This is the best.

In Hitachinaka's Rock-in Japan, there are many restaurants that offer food, but there are few benches etc. to take a break.
In such a case, you can eat while buying a hood while resting with a tent.

In Rock in Japan, there is a limit of 3 m × 3 m.



Recommended tent
Coleman sunshade, one-touch tent, pop-up tent etc. Easy to install.

Cooler box


If you freeze one bottle of 2 liters of plastic bottle water, it will keep it until the end.
It is recommended more than a commercially available refrigerant.
If it is a foldable type cooler box, returning is bulky if you empty its contents,
If you put in goods you bought at the venue or small bags, you will also reduce your luggage.

As various drinks such as Pocari Sweat are on sale at the venue as well, it is slightly expensive but I think that you can buy it at any time.
Please be careful with heat stroke.



T-shirts and towels use what they sell at the venue. I will not take it in particular.
Festival merchandisers can be purchased somewhat in parallel, but the selling of popular artists can be sold out if they do not go to buy immediately after entry.
In 2017, around 9 o'clock WANIMA 's merchandising was over.

You'd better have a pair of shorts, athletic shoes and a later hat.


Bags etc.


Small ones like pouches and body bags are recommended.
It is enough if you have valuables and one bottle of PET.


Deodorant spray, deodorant body sheet

Because it is very sweaty in the scorching sun, regardless of gender, it is easy for me and my surroundings (lol).

I think that the amount of luggage will change depending on whether the movement is a train or a car,
It is mostly such a place.


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