Rock-in Japan 2018, the first day!



This year has finally started, Rock-in Japan!

I went on that first day ~~~

Loading what you need such as a tent on the car the day before night ... dawn

There is no traffic jam especially at 7 o'clock in the local parking lots!

From around 7:20 to the queue waiting for the gate


It was such feeling.




At around 8:30, finally into the gate




The tent was set up this time is "Forest of Tent"

Because it is close from gate of entrance gate, it is easy to return home

Because the tree is shaded, the sun will also soften somewhat





However, the heat still remains inside the tent this year

It was hot!


↓ I used this to distract the heat


At first I bought that I should cool even a little,

Since it sprays from the top of the clothes, it also suppresses the smell of sweat on the clothes.

It is super recommendation!



Since I installed a tent I move to the goods store of the artist




On the way to the glass stage, the signs of the artists who had been performed so far came along




The goods department of the artist is located ahead of the gate of the "glass stage"

It is hard to understand in the photograph, but with ice on the left and right with the hose facing upwards? There was a staff sipping in

I think that you can see a white thing a little when you look at the photo ... (lol)










Once I got the goods I bought, I returned to the tent

Go to the official goods department




In the meantime, in 10 o'clock in the blink of an eye

To the glass stage!



From annual Mr.Shibuya's greetings

The top batter of this year was Keyakizaka 46

Take a look at the official website for the actual situation by forbidden shooting for the time being




I got hungry so I went to the store

There is a stand in the area divided into areas, but here is "Forest kitchen"

It is right next to the forest of the tent

With a feeling like this when you go to the peak, depending on the store you will be in line for about 20 minutes to buy

Drinks generally have separate windows, and you can buy them immediately.



A gate near the boundary between "Glass stage" and "Hungry Field" with a shop




Dusk of 'Glass Stage'

It was still hot this time even this year




Even if I rest at the tent, no matter where I am, I can hear the music and feel like a music festival

Rock in Japan has become a place to enjoy even those who have never been to the festival so please try going!





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