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Recommended! restaurant in Kamisu city "Pre · Sare" - a really big serving of rice!

2018/09/10   -foods

  Today I will introduce you to the restaurant "Pre Sare" that I want to eat!   The menu i ...

Lantern Festival (September 1, 2018) - Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture

2018/09/05   -Sightseeing and leisure

  I went to "Lantern festival" in Kashima city, Ibaraki prefecture!   This year it was rai ...

Japan Three Falls "Fukurodanotaki" - Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture

2018/08/30   -Sightseeing and leisure

  There is a famous waterfall "Fukurodanotaki" in Ibaraki Prefecture   Because this waterf ...

"Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack" will be on sale!

2018/08/29   -hobby

  I have nothing to do with Ibaraki, but as the title says "Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack" ...

Lantern festival - Kashima city, Ibaraki prefecture

2018/08/28   -Sightseeing and leisure

  The summer event has become a season when it gradually ends   And already this weekend, ...

Ultimately recommended! Sichuan cuisine in Mito "Agni"

2018/08/24   -foods

  As the title suggests, it is a super recommended restaurant in Mito!   Speaking of Chine ...

Recommended sightseeing spots in Ibaraki Prefecture "Kashima Shrine Ichino-Torii"

2018/08/16   -Sightseeing and leisure

  Ichino-Torii at the west   I wrote about Kashima Shrine the other day, but there are sev ...

Retro local line in Ibaraki "Kashima Coastal Railroad Oarai-Kashima Line"

2018/08/14   -Sightseeing and leisure

  A retro train is running in Ibaraki   Official name "Kashima Coastal Railroad Oarai-Kash ...

Noodles "Menya Yu " in Mito

2018/08/14   -foods

  Ramen in Mito, I went to "Menya-Yu"! In the past I was named "Isshin-Furan" but I was thinkin ...

Recommended Fireworks Festival in Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsuchiura National Fireworks Games Competition!

2018/08/10   -Sightseeing and leisure, Event

  Speaking of fireworks festival recommended in Ibaraki prefecture!   One of the three big ...

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